When To Clean Your Airduct | Vancouver’s Pro Ace Heating Tips

People everywhere are becoming more aware of the necessity and the benefits of air duct cleaning, not to mention other great energy savings tips.

Here are 5 reasons why you may need to clean your airduct:

Water – Excess water in the ducts can lead to mold developing in the air leading to health issues. Determining how water is entering the system and fixing it is primary, then cleaning and disinfecting the system comes next.

New home or renovation – After any construction or remodeling of a home, sawdust and other construction debris coats can easily enter the ducts. Even Big articles can make their way into ducts. Cleaning the system prior to operating it is essential.

Air flow issuesCleaning out airducts can often be the simple fix to something that could become substantial and cause future issues, costing you a great deal to fix and much more economical than rerouting ducts to increase airflow.

Pest – All types of infestation and pestilence can leave harmful traces behind including bacterial hazards that get into the air. Cleaning and disinfecting to resolve the problem is the next step.

Pets – Pets that shed can leave fur getting into the ducts causing airflow problems and even cooling of heated air.

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