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Eight Energy Saving Tips for Fall

Summer has ended, and the warm summer heats are saying their farewell.  It’s time to get your jackets and umbrellas out of storage, because the cold rains and cool overcast days have arrived.  And with the change of temperature, that means it’s time for your furnace and heating systems to start kicking in, and make your home into a comfortable, cozy environment.  But no one likes seeing energy bills rise, so Pro Ace in Vancouver BC is happy to provide you with some great energy saving tips for this fall:

  1. Keep your heating vents clear and clean.  Not only does this mean remembering to have regular air duct cleaning to make sure there is nothing clogging up your ducts, but also to avoid placing furniture or other obstacles over top of your vents, which reduces air flow and heating efficiency.
  2. Keep drapes and curtains open during the day.  This allows sunlight to come into your home and help heat and keep the rooms warm.  At night, close the curtains and drapes, as it will help retain the heat and keep warm air from being lost out the windows.  The larger the windows in your home, the more important this is.
  3. Programmable thermostats are a great way to keep the energy use down while you are away from home.  They can be programmed to activate heat at specific times, so you can come home to a warm and comfortable house while still saving the energy by reducing heat while you are away.
  4. Check the caulking on windows and doors.  This is an often overlooked area, where heat can escape.  Check to make sure there are proper seals and that there are no noticeable gaps or holes on the caulking.  This can be an easy DIY fix, or you can always find an expert.
  5. Check the insulation in and beneath your attic!  Older homes often have poor attic insulation.  You attic should usually be quite close to the outside temperature, not as warm as the rest of your home.  If you have a warm attic, then hot air is being wasted heating in, and you should consider having the insulation improved or replaced.
  6. Make sure there are no open doors, windows, chimneys, or other opening to the cold outdoors.  Even a small opening can lead to significant heat loss.
  7. Get your annual service inspection done right now!  By doing it before winter, you will greatly reduce any risk of a breakdown or problem during the frigid winter – the worst possible time for any heating system to have a problem.  It only takes a quick phone call for an expert to be at your door (hint: 604-293-3770).
  8. Finally, ensure that your system is running efficiently by checking the air filters in your HVAC devices.  Clean or replace dirty air filters to ensure proper airflow.

There are always more ways to save money, so don’t hesitate to give us a call with questions or wanting advice, because we are here to help!