Winterizing Your Air Conditioner

Preparing Your Air Conditioner For the Winter

It’s about to get cold in the Lower Mainland, and residents of Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley, and Surrey probably won’t be using their air conditioners this winter. There are some simple steps that air conditioner owners can take to make sure that their units stay in good condition and are ready for the hot weather when it returns next summer.

Why Winterize Window Air Conditioners

1) Lower Heating Costs

It’s best to remove window unit air conditioners from the window when the summer is over. The main reason to remove your window unit is that the window unit can allow cold air from outside into your home and let the warmed air inside escape. That can make your house colder than you want or require you to spend extra money on heating.

2) Air Conditioner Maintenance

Another good reason to remove your window unit is that the harsh winter weather isn’t very good for it. This is less of an issue in Vancouver than it might be in, say, Toronto, but it’s still best to store the unit so it stays in good condition as long as possible.

How to Winterize Window Air Conditioners

When you remove your unit, make sure you have another person to help. Air conditioners are too heavy to be safely manipulated by one person. Do not store it on its side or upside down. If you do you will risk damaging the unit.

If you can’t remove your window unit, check the air conditioner instructions for guidance on winter preparations. Carefully seal gaps between the window and the unit to prevent losing hot air from your house.

Winterizing Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners consist of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. It’s a matter of some controversy whether the outside unit of a full air conditioning system should be covered during the winter.

Many home owners believe that the outdoor unit requires a vinyl or padded cover. It turns out that covering the unit isn’t necessary and may even be harmful. These outdoor units are designed to be outside.

If you are having trouble with leaves or debris, the manufacturer of your air conditioner may sell a type of open cover that will protect the unit from debris without inadvertently trapping moisture.

Contacting our HVAC Contractors in Vancouver BC

If you have questions or concerns before you retire your air conditioner for the winter, a Pro Ace HVAC professional can help you.

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