Boiler Repair White Rock

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Boiler Repair White Rock

In White Rock, Pro Ace Heating is the company of choice for boiler repair.  We also install and service boilers and many other HVAC systems.  And we are the experts in furnaces, hot water heaters, tankless systems, and gas fireplaces.  We also install A.C. systems and rooftop units.  Pro Ace has been in business since 1995.  And we have an A plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.  Pro Ace is the boiler repair company you can trust.

Boiler Repair White Rock Info

The Pro Ace website has all sorts of info on boiler makes and models, boiler prices and boiler repairs.  It also offers some comments from our many happy clients, now over 80,000 strong.  In White Rock the boiler repair company of choice is Pro Ace Heating.  If you want to know about boiler repair prices, go to the website and follow the links.  Or you can give us a call at any time for free advice. A friendly Pro Ace rep is waiting to take your call right now.

Boiler Repair White Rock Certified

Pro Ace is a certified member of the FortisBC allied network. All our techs are licensed and bonded with many years in boiler installation, boiler service and boiler repair.  As well, our techs give clear and concise reports—in writing—of all things related to your boiler repair.  And our techs are patient, friendly, and mindful of our clients’ budgets.  Our aim is to maintain the comfort of your home and office.

Boiler Repair White Rock Specifics

Pro Ace Heating provides 24/7 emergency boiler repair service.  You can call us at any hour of the day or night if you have a problem with any HVAC unit.  Our number one concern is your safety.  It is vital to tackle boiler problems right away, not only to ensure your safety, but also to catch future problems before they occur.  Pro Ace Heating provides all repair quotes in writing.  We also advise getting a couple of other quotes to ensure you are getting the best price.  And we detail as many options as we can to save you money.

Some questions you may have

If my radiator stops producing heat what could be the problem?

This could be the result of air trapped in the lines, or in the unit itself, or a faulty zone valve.  Here are a couple of things you can do.  Open the radiator bleed valve (usually right on top) and let some water out.  Close the valve.  If that does not fix the problem, check the temperature of the water pipes.  There will be one leading up to the zone valve and one leading away.  If the pipe leading away from the zone valve is cooler, then the problem is likely the zone valve itself.  It will need to be replaced.  The best advice is to call Pro Ace Heating and we will gladly advise you over the phone.  You comfort in your home or office is our first concern.

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