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Furnace Installation Port Coquitlam

Twenty-one years later, Pro Ace Heating remains the furnace company of choice in Port Coquitlam and the Tri-Cities area.  One reason is that our mission is to provide affordable, state of the art high efficiency furnace installation.  Our customer base now exceeds 80,000 satisfied HVAC unit users.

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These are the simple facts

Older furnaces require more servicing and suffer breakdowns at an increasing rate as they age.  Newer furnace units run smoothly, quietly, and efficiently.  They burn gas only when required and shut off once the desired level of warm comfort is achieved.  Replacing an older gas furnace with a high efficiency gas furnace will begin to save you money in operating costs from day one.

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State of the art technology begins here

Our product line includes a wide selection of the best energy efficient furnaces, including Trane high efficiency two stage variable, Carrier energy saving gas furnaces, and Rheem Efficient Direct Spark ignition furnaces.  Also American Standard quiet energy efficient furnaces, Goodman brand gas furnaces, and Lennox high efficiency gas furnaces.  But we are able to install any HVAC system currently on the market.

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The importance of the variable motor

The new high efficiency gas furnaces are all equipped with a variable motor.  This technology will help you save more money on your electricity bill.  It has been estimated that these savings could be as much as three to five hundred dollars a year.

How safe are the new high efficiency gas furnaces?

Completely.  The important thing to consider in furnace installation is being sure to use a reputable company with licensed techs.  Licensed techs will install your furnace or forced air system according to the B.C. Safety Authority’s guidelines.   Pro Ace can provide you with all the latest information regarding furnace safety in the Port Coquitlam area.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on parts for a new furnace installation?

Ten years.

How do I pick the best furnace for my home (or office) in Port Coquitlam?

Modern high efficiency gas furnaces have an efficiency rating between 90% and 98%.  This percentage is expressed as the furnace’s AFUE rating and is affixed to the furnace.  (AFUE stands for annual fuel utilization efficiency.)   The percentage reflects the amount of fuel that is converted to heat in one year.  In other words, an AFUE of 98% means that only 2% of the natural gas is lost in the process of conversion to real heat for your home.  Note that the new high efficiency gas furnaces represent a large improvement over the older versions.  Just like the one in your home in Port Coquitlam (if it is more than ten years old).  Yours may only have an efficiency rating of 50%.  Contact Pro Ace Heating and we can tell you what the AFUE is on your furnace.  We can also advise you about cost savings you can experience with a high efficiency furnace installation in Port Coquitlam.

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