Furnace Installation West Vancouver


Furnace Installation West Vancouver

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is West Vancouver’s progressive furnace installation company.  Our mission is professional, safe, and affordable furnace installation.  Additionally, our mission is to build our customer “family” one by one.

Furnace Installation West Vancouver Easy Comfort 

The comfort zone

It is easy to take our daily comfort for granted.  As long as our furnace is operating smoothly and quietly, we don’t think much about it.  That is why it is so important to make sure that the furnace is up to date rather than slowly running down with age.

Furnace Installation West Vancouver High Efficiency picks and points

It is all about the new technology

We all know that technology is always improving—and improving our lives.  This is no less true in the furnace business.  An up-to-date high efficiency gas furnace will save you money in many, many ways.

Furnace Installation West Vancouver New Gas Savings 

 New furnace installation will begin saving you money right now.  How?

Simply upgrading to a high efficiency furnace will save you hundreds of dollars every year on both gas and electricity .  New high efficiency furnaces on the market run smoother and quieter, saving you money as well as energy.  The makes and models of the furnaces we carry include the best energy efficient furnaces, such as Trane high efficiency, Carrier, Rheem, American and Lennox high efficiency gas furnaces.

Can I install the furnace in West Vancouver by myself?

It is possible.  But we recommend you contact the B.C. Safety Authority first to get their recommendations from years of experience.  Your furnace installation will last about twenty years, so you want it to be done right.  That means efficiently and safely.  Our technicians are all licensed and have years of experience in gas furnace installation.  Let us give you a quotation before you decide to embark on this complicated process.

What is a forced air furnace?  How does it work?

Most high efficiency furnaces today are forced air furnaces.  They essentially deliver heat to each area of your home through air ducts which originate at the furnace.  A blower blows the air through a heat exchanger on into the air ducts.  Most forced air furnaces are powered by natural gas.  The newer forced air furnaces allow some adjustments to the blower motor and gas valves to fine tune your heated environment.

When I contract for a furnace installation in West Vancouver, will I receive an itemized bid?

Absolutely.  We are not like many other furnace companies.  We take pride in full disclosure and installation transparency.  Once we have a clear idea of which forced air furnace is the best option for your home or office, and with your informed agreement about the product, we will present you with an itemized, detailed account of all parts involved, their price, the approximate time required to install your high efficiency furnace, the labour costs, any and all additional costs, applicable taxes and anything else you would like to see on the list.  The list ends any mystery about what the furnace installation will cost.

To book this service, simply contact us by calling at 604-293-3770

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