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Furnace Service and Maintenance Langley and Aldergrove

For home furnace service in Langley and Aldergrove, Pro Ace Heating is the company to call.  We started a city friendly business in 1995.  Since then we have grown because of our professionalism, efficiency and friendly furnace servicing  in the Lower Mainland.  We take pride not only in doing the job right.  We also forge solid relationships with our (now) 80,000 customers.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Langley and Aldergrove Resolution

The key is doing a complete job

Pro Ace Heating does a complete furnace inspection.  This is to instill customer peace of mind about their smooth home furnace operation.   And that it will operate smoothly for its lifetime.  And safely.  Safety is of course the number one concern in furnace maintenance.  Regular gas furnace servicing will ensure its safe operation.  We recommend calling us to arrange a personally designed furnace maintenance schedule.  And we will be most happy to explain every little detail.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Langley and Aldergrove Transparency

Pro Ace is always willing to answer questions

Our customers often have questions about all things HVAC.  Subjects include gas furnace inspections, home furnace cleaning, high efficiency gas furnace servicing, and forced air furnace tune ups.  Pro Ace Heating is most willing to take the time to answer these and any other questions.  Our customers in Langley and Aldergrove know this already.  We believe it is important that our customers understand how their furnaces operate.  First, in order to preserve their safety, second, the home furnace’s efficiency, and third, our customers’ expenses.  Do not hesitate to phone us with any home furnace questions or concerns.

What is involved in a home furnace servicing and maintenance inspection?

In our furnace servicing, Pro Ace Heating examines, tests, cleans, and lubricates all the necessary areas of your home furnace. Some of these actions include the following.  Cleaning the venting systems and making sure they are clean and functioning properly.  Checking that the pressure switches are functional and the speed settings are correct.  Seeing that the grill, fan and blower assembly are clean.  Checking that the thermostat is set and functioning properly, and the pilot light is properly adjusted.  In addition, the technician will lubricate the fans, motor, and bearings and check for carbon monoxide leaks.  Finally he will make sure everything is operating safely.  These are merely the main areas in our home furnace inspection.  You can call us at any time for a complete list.

Why are precision tune-ups important?

As they say, the devil is in the details.  Consider that your home furnace operates for as many as 2000 hours each year.  That is much more than your vehicle.  “Running” results in abrasion, loosening, deterioration, dirt accumulation, and the burning of oil.  All these effects impinge on three many areas of your life: safety, comfort zone, and pocket book.  Your home safety is not something to compromise on.  And when you think about it, neither are the other two areas.  Regular precision tune-ups are so important to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns leading to safety issues.  Or no heat when it is cold outside.  Or unnecessary expenses.  In addition, you may void your warranty.  In Langley and Ladner, make sure you call an expert home furnace company, like Pro Ace Heating.

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