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Furnace Service and Maintenance Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows

For Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows home furnace, gas furnace, and high efficiency gas furnace inspection,  the first choice is Pro Ace Heating.   80,000 customers strong, Pro Ace Heating is one of the largest furnace service and maintenance companies in the Lower Mainland.  We know and understand the furnace domain, from the very old to the very new state of the art forced air furnaces.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Safety

Safety comes first

The B.C. Safety Authority advises servicing all home furnaces once a year.  The B.C. Safety Authority is, of course, primarily concerned with consumer safety.  But there are other important reasons to contract a furnace service and maintenance company.  Mainly, these are maintaining the efficient operation of your furnace and easing your, the homeowner’s, peace of mind.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Safety (Part 2)

What safety issues does the technician look for?

First and foremost, the technician checks to see that all gas lines are intact with no signs of leaks.  The technician will also check all the joints where the gas lines meet the ignitors.  Then he checks all the electrical components to make sure they are intact.  It is extremely important to hire a furnace service and maintenance company that has years of experience.  In this way, nothing is missed or misdiagnosed.  You want to prevent having to phone a furnace company because you smell or sense the presence of gas in your home.  A yearly home furnace inspection will go a long way to preventing this from happening.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Safety Plus

Avoiding unnecessary costs

Our customers’ peace of mind is a function of safety first and foremost.  But maintaining the heat in the home especially during cold spells and avoiding unnecessary costs is second.  A yearly home furnace service and maintenance is necessary to keep the furnace in working condition.  Repairing or replacing worn components that may cause further damage is also necessary.  The other reason for a yearly home furnace servicing visit is instilling confidence that the furnace will perform as it should all year long.  It is a minor expense to avoid larger outlays down the road and have the confidence that the furnace will keep running.

How much does a typical furnace inspection and servicing cost?

The answer to this question will depend on the age of the furnace and what needs to be repaired, replaced and cleaned.  What is critical is to hire a reputable furnace company, not a bait and switch one.  A reputable furnace company will tell you what they will inspect, test and lubricate.  And after the initial inspection they will give you a written multi-point report on the condition of your home furnace.  The report will list all components to be repaired or replaced as well as the related costs.  In some cases, it will be cheaper to replace rather than repair.  In other cases, to replace rather than clean (in the case of the filters for instance), and possible install a complete new high efficiency gas furnace.  Pro Ace technicians will be able to explain all the different options in clear and concise language.

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