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Furnace Service and Maintenance Richmond 

Pro Ace Heating is Richmond’s wise choice in furnace servicing.  We have been servicing furnaces in Richmond for over 21 years.  For information on gas furnace maintenance, gas furnace cleaning and home furnace service, call Pro Ace Heating.  In addition, contact us if you have questions about HVAC servicing or high efficiency furnace servicing.  We are the experts to consult about complete furnace care in Richmond BC.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Richmond—the Edge

Why we are the leading edge in Richmond furnace servicing.

Pro Ace Heating is the only company using Mobil (service app) technology.  Oversight of the service process proceeds from the head office.  This dual system avoids costly mistakes.  As well it ensures a quality standard inspection.  Pro Ace Mobile technology minimizes errors and might even leave no room for error.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Richmond Critical Factors

Why the High Tech App checklist is so important to Richmond furnace servicing.

  • helps our technicians confirm that your furnace is operating according to the manufacturer’s specs.
  • checks if your furnace is over-fired or under-fired.
  • tests if your furnace is burning too much gas.
  • flags any mistakes and prevents a false diagnosis of your furnace’s operation.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Richmond Benefits

How Tablet Technology benefits you as the customer.

  • a thorough multi-point inspection report, indicating the current condition and operation of your furnace.
  • advice about repairs or furnace replacement, if necessary.
  • a detailed report of the cost and benefit of each option.

What is the best season to service my furnace?

There is no ideal season for furnace servicing in the Richmond area.  Some however advise doing it in the fall.  The bottom line  is that the most important thing is to arrange a home furnace tune-up once a year.  In Richmond area as well as the entire Lower Mainland.  All the experts (such as the B.C. Safety Authority, for one) agree about this.  We recommend designing a personal furnace servicing plan and schedule for your Richmond home furnace.  Call Pro Ace Heating to see what your personal plan looks like.  Once your plan and schedule are in place, you leave the timing to the experts.  You also ensure the continued smooth operation of your furnace.  You won’t have to worry that your furnace remains safe and secure.  Or that it is in the optimal operating condition.

What should I do if I smell gas?

This could be a serious situation.  There are a number of procedures to follow depending on the situation.  The first thing to do is open all the windows and doors to maximize ventilation.  The next thing to do is phone Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning for our expert advice as well as initiate the dispatching of a repair van to your premises.Otherwise, phone the FortisBC 24/7 emergency line 1-800-663-9911 to report the problem.  Follow their advice.  To prevent this alarming situation, a regular home furnace service and maintenance is strongly advised.  We also recommend contacting us so that we can provide you with a complete outline of safety procedures to follow for every possibility.

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