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Furnace Service and Maintenance Vancouver

Pro Ace Heating specializes in furnace service and maintenance in Vancouver.   There is no better company to call.  Our years in the business in Vancouver proves it.  Our mission is simply to provide efficient and affordable furnace service and maintenance.  We have a fleet of fully-equipped service vans ready and able to visit your home or office at a moment’s notice.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Vancouver Checklist

What is our unique checklist?

We are the only furnace company using this checklist.  The technicians go over your entire furnace point by point.  They follow a multi-point checklist.  In this way, all furnace inspections are the same.  This prevents errors or missed steps.  For furnace service and maintenance, the number one choice is Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning. Call us for free tips and advice at any time of the day or night.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Vancouver Diagnosis

What does the technician check when servicing my furnace?

The technician examines the entire furnace.   He checks how well the furnace conforms to the manufacturer’s specifications.  He tests various data parameters.  The technician also looks for any potential problems.  In addition, he looks for any any input errors.  And he also conducts other tests on various furnace parts. Finally, he oils the motor.  Note that we are able to analyze all the data in real time at the head office.  Our technicians are also ready and able to answer any questions.  The technicians may also advise some repairs or replacements.  One of our specialties is furnace servicing in Vancouver.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Vancouver Benefits

How does the customer benefit?

We give every customer a clearly detailed report.  The report outlines the current condition of his or her Vancouver furnace.  The report also makes note of any wear and tear.  In addition, it advises about specific furnace service and maintenance.  It might suggest some needed repairs.  And, if necessary, it will recommend a complete replacement.  Finally, the report details the approximate cost of any fixes.  The customer always signs off on any service operations before the work begins.

 Do I service the furnace myself or call a professional?

Customers can do some things for their furnace service and maintenance.  However, nothing compares with expert technical advice.  Call Pro Ace for furnace servicing in the Vancouver area.  One thing you can do is dust out, clean, and change the filters.  Other things your can do include the following.  Check for gas leaks and carbon gas emissions.  Examine all electrical components.  See if the temperature has risen.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning provides furnace service and maintenance to relieve our customers from having to bother with it.  See how easy and affordable it is to design a regular service schedule for your HVAC unit.  And breathe a sigh of relief.  Have more time for your favorite activities.

How often should a furnace be serviced?

The B.C. Safety Authority advises that all HVAC units undergo a annual tune-up.  In the course of normal operation, the dirt, grime and debris can build up in the filters, ducts and elsewhere.  It is important to replace the filters periodically.  It is also important to clean other areas to ensure a smooth flow of warm and comforting air.  This ensures that your HVAC unit is safe and smooth.  Safe furnace operation means lower energy bills and fewer costly repairs.

To book this service, simply contact us by calling at 604-293-3770

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