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Furnace Service and Maintenance White Rock

Pro Ace Heating has been installing, repairing and servicing home gas furnaces, forced air furnaces, and high efficiency gas furnaces since 1995.  Our longstanding specialties are gas furnace maintenance, gas furnace inspection, and gas furnace cleaning.  In addition we are the experts in gas furnace tune up, HVAC service, and high efficiency gas furnace servicing.  Do an online search and you will land on the Pro Ace Heating website. Book an appointment today to get your furnace service and maintenance done in White Rock.

Furnace Service and Maintenance White Rock Keys

Why is Pro Ace the key to home furnace servicing?

First is our multi-point inspection process that leaves no stone unturned in the diagnosis of your home furnace.  Our licensed experts check every area of your furnace in a point-by-point systematic process.  It leaves no room for error.  All home furnace inspections can be reviewed in real time by the home office.  That is how we verify the inspection for accuracy and consistency.  This double-check system is important because the home furnace servicing procedure maintains your safety.  It also saves on the upkeep of your home furnace, to say nothing of your pocket book.

Furnace Service and Maintenance White Rock Compliance

Home furnace safety standards

The B.C Safety Authority and FortisBC both recommend an annual home furnace servicing.  Your home furnace is the source of your heating comfort year round.  But its efficient running factors into your home security and safety.  An annual home furnace servicing, with a licensed technician, is necessary to ensure that your furnace does not cause you any problems.

Why is a complete home furnace tune-up important?

There is some advice online about do-it-yourself home furnace servicing.  This includes changing your own filters, checking the belts, and vacuuming out the inside of the furnace case.  However, a thorough home furnace servicing is designed to avoid some  problems that a quick do-it-yourself procedure will miss.  The first concern is the safety of your home and everyone who lives there.  An expert home furnace servicing will check for the presence of carbon monoxide.  It will make sure all the gas lines are secure and have no leaks.  The second consideration is preventing more serious mechanical problems later.  Proper cleaning of the build-up of debris and grime will ensure that your furnace does not begin to work against itself.  This could cause the motor and other components to wear down with the extra effort.  A licensed expert will also know which areas of the motor to lubricate to ensure its smooth operation.  And third, a complete home furnace servicing is designed to save you money over the long haul.  By finding problem areas, the technician can suggest ways of avoiding unnecessary expenses.  When furnace parts break down or malfunction before their time, it will create unnecessary costs.  Any of these issues can result in the voiding of your warranty, avoidable costs, and of course the compromise of your safety in the home.  Contact Pro Ace Heating for a detailed list of what we do during a home furnace servicing.   And we will happily answer any further questions you may have.

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