Space Heating Rebates for BC Consumers

BIG Heating Rebates for BC Consumers

Even though utility prices are fairly reasonable in BC, those bills still add up. Making energy-efficient changes in your home or business is a great way to save money over the long term, and some of those changes are eligible for rebates for consumers in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley.

Last week we explored rebates for draft-proofing. Here’s another way to get money back: energy efficient changes in space heating. FortisBC offers two types of space heating rebates, both of which encourage BC consumers to make energy-efficient changes. These changes result in less energy use over the long term.

EnerChoice Fireplaces

EnerChoice, like ENERGY STAR, is a mark that a fireplace meets a given standard of efficiency. ENERGY STAR does not certify fireplaces, so Canadian evaluators have created a separate mark of fireplace efficiency. Every fireplace sold in BC carries an EnerGuide™ label describing its efficiency. The most efficient fireplaces are rewarded with the EnerChoice label. An EnerChoice fireplace converts a high percentage of the energy used into heat — 61% for an insert, 62.4% for a fireplace, or 66% for a free-standing stove. This places the appliance in the top 25% of fireplace efficiency.

$300 Fireplace Rebate

FortisBC offers a rebate of up to $300 for installing an EnerChoice model fireplace, and claiming the rebate is simple. First, select a EnerChoice model fireplace. Have it installed by a certified gas contractor. Then fill out the application for a rebate available at the FortisBC website (PDF) and mail it to:

EnerChoice Fireplace Program
P.O. Box 9090
Surrey, BC
V3T 5W4

Deadline March 31

The deadline to claim your rebate for an EnerChoice fireplace is approaching fast. The fireplace must be purchased by March 31, 2015, and the application postmarked no later than April 30, 2015. Move quickly to claim a rebate for an EnerChoice fireplace.

$800 Rebate for Heat Pump Installation

Electrically heated homes are also eligible for a rebate of up to $800 for installing a ductless air source heat pump. An air source heat pump is an efficient, environmentally friendly way of heating an indoor space. They work by drawing heat from outside during the winter, and rejecting warm air during the summer.

Deadline March 31

FortisBC offers rebates of up to $800 for installing an air source heat pump. As an alternative, FortisBC offers loans to assist with the upfront cost of installing an eligible unit.

To claim your rebate for an air source heat pump, choose an eligible ENERGY STAR model and have it installed by a qualified HVAC technician. Apply for the Home Energy Rebate Offer at the FortisBC website. As for the EnerChoice fireplace, time is running out to qualify for a rebate for an air source heat pump. Complete the installation by March 31, 2015, to qualify.

Are you interested in upgrading your space heating and taking advantage of valuable FortisBC rebates? Pro Ace supplies HVAC technicians throughout Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, and Langley. Pro Ace are BC experts who will assist you in selecting a unit, installing it safely, and maintaining it on an on-going basis.

Contact Pro Ace at 604-293-3770 with any rebate questions or for energy upgrade HVAC installations!

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