Small Business Lighting Solutions & Retrofits

Small Business Lighting Solutions That Work

Lighting is important to any small business. The lighting changes the look and feel of your physical environment, so employees can perform their jobs in a pleasant environment. In a sales situation, good lighting shows off product at its best and encourages customers to make purchases. In addition, lighting is one of the main components of energy consumption in a small business. For all these reasons and more, it’s a great time to consider new lighting solutions to improve your physical plant.

Retrofit Your Old, Inefficient Lighting Fixtures

One of the best ways to realize an on-going cost savings is to turn your older lighting fixtures in for new, more efficient models. Perhaps your business is still using T12 fluorescent lighting. New energy regulations are resulting in the T12 fluorescent lighting phasing out, and for good reason. They’re inefficient, generating too much heat with the energy used. Switching to T5 or T8 fluorescent lighting is a move toward greater efficiency, and that will bring dividends in the form of lower energy costs. Retrofitting lighting to a T8 fixture from a T12 fixture will save your business about 40% of the energy costs for that fixture.

The Advantages of LED

LED, Light emitting diodes, are another efficient lighting solution. LEDs are particularly prized because of how long-lasting they are: A single unit can last for over ten years. They are also one of the most flexible of lighting options, with a wide range of design possibilities to suit any taste. LEDs do have a high cost up front compared to fluorescent or incandescent lighting, but they earn it back over time.

Save Your Fixtures Wear and Tear with Occupancy Sensors

There’s no point in lighting an empty room, but busy employees may neglect to turn off the lights. Solve the problem with occupancy sensors. These clever gadgets ensure that the lights turn on when employees enter the room and turn off when no one is present. As a result, bulbs and fixtures last longer and your business’ energy bill goes down.

A Complete Systems Upgrade

Business owners have lots of demands on their time and finances, and it can be tempting to think that the best way to approach a lighting upgrade is to wait for individual fixtures to fail and then replace them. In reality there are many reasons it may be best to undertake a complete systems upgrade. By upgrading before the last possible second, you’ll begin realizing savings in your energy bill immediately. In addition, you’ll have a uniform lighting solution, which will achieve a professional, pulled-together look for your business. You can also plan your retrofit so it happens at a time convenient for your business, rather than having to address an urgent issue.

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