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Furnace Repair Delta, Furnace Repair Ladner and Furnace Repair Tsawwassen Area

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing furnace repair Delta, furnace repair Ladner, and furnace repair Tsawwassen area services for over two decades.  During that time, we have become the most trusted furnace repair company in Delta, Ladner and Tsawwassen.  Our licensed technicians are also trained in customer relations to provide clear and concise answers to all your questions regarding our furnace repair services.

Furnace Repair Delta, Furnace Repair Ladner and Furnace Repair Tsawwassen Area Trust


What is the secret to being the most trusted furnace repair company?

First, it is our round the clock emergency service.  No matter what time of the day or night, we will dispatch licensed technicians to your home or office.  To repair any problems that suddenly arise.  Of course, in the winter time, your supply of heat is critical for comfort as well as safety.  We have our customers’ needs in these areas foremost in our minds.

Furnace Repair Delta, Furnace Repair Ladner and Furnace Repair Tsawwassen Area Guarantees


Here is another secret.

All repairs are guaranteed.  If necessary, we will keep returning free of charge until the problem is resolved.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is a company you can trust for Delta furnace repair services.  We also guarantee the lowest price relative to the same size competitive estimates.

Furnace Repair Delta, Furnace Repair Ladner and Furnace Repair Tsawwassen  Prevention

Preventing the need for furnace repairs is also a well-known secret of our company.

Designing and implementing a regular schedule for maintenance is important.  To avoid the need for furnace repair.  Call us to arrange a no obligation consultation about a schedule designed precisely for your furnace system.  With regular servicing, your system will run smoothly and minimize the need for furnace repair.

How much money can I save by replacing my old furnace?

New furnaces, employing the latest technology, run cheaper than old furnaces.  They minimize energy consumption.  They have more durable parts.  And they break down much less often.  We can advise you of the latest options currently on the market.  And we can suggest the most affordable HVAC systems. We recommend only the best HVAC fit for your home and office.  That’s in keeping with our mission of creating long term relationships with our customers.

What is the labour warranty on a new furnace?

The best furnace manufacturers offer ten year warranties for parts.  And a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger.  Warranties for labor are usually for one year.  But customers may purchase lifetime warranties for an additional cost.  We recommend calling us with these and other questions so that we can answer them in detail.

Why are timely repairs important?

This question has two answers related to time.  First is the time it takes you to phone for a furnace assessment of a particular problem or malfunction.  Second is the time it takes for the technician to get to your home in Delta, Ladner and Tsawwassen.  The first issue depends on you, the home owner.  It is understandable to avoid phoning a furnace repair company.  Because time these days is short.  And, of course, we all try to postpone additional expenses.  However, when it comes to furnace repair problems, it is extremely important to address them as soon as you can.  Primarily, this is to avoid any safety issues that might be involved.  But as well, the longer you delay fixing the problem may actually make it worse.  And ultimately more expensive. The second issue is entirely ours.  At Pro Ace, we spring to action immediately when we receive a furnace repair call.  First, for safety reasons.  But secondly in keeping with our commitment to our customers’ comfort and convenience.  Many furnace repair companies will try to respond to a furnace repair call according to their own schedule.  Whenever we have to, we call in a technician to come directly to your home.

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