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Furnace Repair North Vancouver

Now in its twenty-second year of operation, installing, servicing and repairing every make and model of furnace in the Lower Mainland, including North Vancouver, Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning remains British Columbia’s furnace company of choice.  If you are a furnace owner, like probably everyone else in North Vancouver, you will be interested to know where to go for the most professional furnace repairs.  There are several furnace repair companies servicing North Vancouver and we pride ourselves in being the most professional, efficient, and cost effective.  We are also the most friendly.

Furnace Repair North Vancouver Diagnostics

Some disconcerting signs

If you notice that your thermostat is malfunctioning, there is a sudden loss of heat or hot water, leaking water or other fluids, intermittent shutting off and kicking in, steam or gas leaks, or ruptured pipes, these are signs that your furnace needs repair. And the solution may be simpler than you might think.  Our professional repairmen, trained, licensed, and experienced, may be able to suggest less costly repair plans for almost any malfunction.  Call us first to get a clearly detailed diagnosis of your furnace problem.

Furnace Repair North Vancouver

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning arrives with dispatch.  Even if you live at a higher elevation in North Vancouver, a licensed technician will arrive at your home in the nick of time.  If you experience some sort of emergency, a repairman will be on the way before we hang up the phone.  By the time the technician arrives, he or she will have a complete description of your problem, relayed to him by the Pro Ace representative.  Prompt action is important in furnace repair because of the many potential safety issues.

What if I sense that the furnace is turning on and off too quickly?

Furnaces are designed to turn on and off according to the feedback system in the thermostat.  They kick in when the heat in your home dips below the lower set point, and shut off when it rises above the high set point.  However if your furnace is kicking in and shutting off erratically, some component in the system is malfunctioning.  The roots of the problem may be found in the thermostat, belt, blower motor, or the air filters.  Try resetting the thermostat.  If, for some reason, the thermostat is faulty, it probably should be replaced.  You could try either tightening or loosening the belt, but if the belt is worn out, it needs to be replaced.  Or it could be an issue with the blower motor lubrication.  Call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning to get our best advice before attempting to tweak the furnace yourself.

What can cause the furnace to begin to sound strangely?

Even the new high efficiency gas furnaces will make some audible noise as well as variations in sound as the furnace kicks in and shuts off.  However if the pilot light is not properly set, you may hear a low rumbling sound when the furnace kicks in.  Gas burner build-up may also cause a low rumbling sound.  Higher pitched sounds may result from a maladjusted belt or some sort of abrasion in the motor.  It is always best to consult professional furnace repair people before you attempt to tinker with the furnace yourself.

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