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Furnace Repair Port Moody

Who ya gonna call for furnace repair in Port Moody?  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is the furnace repair company par excellence.  We have over twenty years’ experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of furnaces all over the Lower Mainland, including Port Moody.  And we can say with pride that we can repair any problem that disables your furnace.  After all this time in the field, our technicians are often able to diagnose the problem before they even have a look at your furnace.  They are professional trouble shooters.

Furnace Repair Port Moody Emergencies

What’s important?

Quick, efficient, and caring service.  Pro Ace has a 24 hour emergency number to phone.  So you can feel confident in restoring the heat to your Port Moody home or office as quickly as possible.  The efficiency part is in the wealth of experience.  With all kinds of furnaces and their intermittent problems.  In most cases, they are able to go immediately to the heart of the problem.  And suggest various options for fixing it.  Options are important for your pocket book.  In many cases, it is cheaper to replace a component than repairing it.  And our technicians will patiently advise you which option is better.  And the caring is just what we do with our 80,000 strong customer base.  Caring is in our DNA.

Furnace Repair Port Moody Inspections

They are free of course

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning offers free on-site inspections.  And, if requested, detailed written estimates for any current and future repairs.  It is a good idea to give your furnace a regular checkup.  To avoid future malfunctions or breakdowns.  Our fleet of fully-equipped repair vans is on the road around the clock.  To make sure the furnaces of the Lower Mainland and Port Moody continue to provide heat and comfort to our clients.

What can I do to protect my home (of office) from carbon monoxide poisoning?

This is a very important question.  The release of carbon monoxide (CO) gas is a potential problem in older furnaces.  In newer high efficiency gas furnaces, it is very rarely an issue.  It would probably only result from some sort of serious damage to the furnace unit.  A regular furnace checkup and maintenance schedule will prevent this problem from ever arising.  Except in extreme cases, like sudden damage to the furnace unit.  We suggest arranging an in-home inspection of your furnace at regular intervals.  At Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning we provide our clients with a regular servicing and maintenance plan for their furnaces.  This is to prevent unnecessary repairs and all issues related to safety.

Should I be concerned with asking a repair technician to see his license and insurance papers?

You have every right to ask the technician for his license and insurance papers.  When dealing with a furnace repair company that has been in business for a very long time (say, over ten years) and has an established reputation, it is probably not necessary.  But if it means putting your mind at ease, by all means ask the question.  Any professional furnace repair technician will have all the appropriate papers to show you when asked.  If, for some reason, he or she doesn’t have them, an alarm should go off.  At Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning, we have been providing the paperwork for over twenty years.

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