Boiler Service Burnaby

Boiler Service Burnaby

Boiler Service and Maintenance Burnaby

Pro Ace Heating is the number one boiler service company in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland.  Pro Ace has been servicing home and office boilers in Burnaby for over twenty years.  We also install and repairs boilers, furnaces, AC systems, tankless systems, gas fireplaces and everything else in the HVAC domain.  We take pride in giving high value for low cost.

Boiler Service and Maintenance Burnaby Keys

Pro Ace Heating is an ally member of FortisBC.   And the BBB gives Pro Ace Heating an A+ rating.  The best advice from the BC Safety Authority is to get an annual service inspection for every boiler system.  It is crucial to the longest lifespan of your boiler in Vancouver.  It is also crucial to your boiler’s smooth running.   Proper boiler service and care can prevent issues before they start.  And they can reduce any needless repairs or replacing parts.  Lastly, it helps to lower your energy bill and gas usage.  So you will save more each month and waste less energy.

Boiler Service and Maintenance Burnaby Expertise

All techs in the employ of Pro Ace Heating are licensed gas fitters with many years in boiler service and boiler repair in Burnaby.  All quotes for boiler service in Burnaby are in writing.  And Pro Ace advises getting a couple of other quotes to ease your mind about getting the best price.  Pro Ace is B.C. Safety Authority compliant.  We are worth a quick call.  All our advice is free of charge.  Any time of the day or night.

Boiler Service and Maintenance Burnaby Specifics

Setting up a regular schedule for your boiler service will keep you safe and warm year round.  It will also save you money.  Gas units should be serviced at least once a year, as advised by the B.C. Safety Authority.  By setting up a regular schedule, you can leave all the details to us.  We will arrive at your home or office in a fully-equipped service van.  In a very short time, perhaps two hours, we will service all areas of your boiler and give you a written report on its current condition.  Taking care of boiler problems before they become serious is smart advice.

Some questions you may have

How can I service my home boiler unit by myself?

Here are a few things you can do.  Look at the vent pipes for rust and blockages.  Look at the pipe connections to make sure they are tight.  Turn off the power and check inside for dirt and rust.  Vacuum inside.  If it is an older unit, oil the pump and motor.  If you have an older style thermostat, check to make sure it is level. Pro Ace Heating advises replacing old thermostats with the newer ones on the market.  Turn up the thermostat to start the boiler.  When the heat is up, bleed the radiator.  Reset the thermostat.  Finally have a look at your CO detector to make sure it is working.  During the cold weather months, the CO detector should be checked at least once a month.  Pro Ace Heating offers free advice for these and other questions about your boiler or other HVAC unit.  

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Took advantage of a furnace maintenance program that they were offering and they came and did a fantastic job of cleaning and checking the system for any gas leaks. They were thorough in their cleaning and very nice to work with.
Jazozika Holding

Thank you for the great service I received in April 2012. Your service men were quick and efficient and on top of it very freindly.

Many thanks to Grant for identifying our problem and to Ali and his assistant for fixing it promptly and efficiently. Very friendly service men!

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