Furnace Repair Port Coquitlam


Furnace Repair Port Coquitlam

For professional, efficient, experienced furnace repair in Port Coquitlam, call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning.  We offer 24/7 emergency furnace repair service.  For any and all issues with your furnace.  Malfunctions, breakdowns, and other issues you may have questions about.  We have satisfied over 80,000 furnace owners all over the Lower Mainland, including Port Coquitlam.  We install, service and repair every type of furnace.  From the very old to most modern high efficiency gas furnaces on the market today.

Furnace Repair Port Coquitlam Values

It is not that difficult

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning has developed a set of values from over twenty years of serving the Lower Mainland, including Port Coquitlam.  Simply put, our values are precision, preventive maintenance, safety, customer service and affordable solutions.  If you are in need of furnace repair solutions, there is no better place to call.  We have a fleet of fully-equipped service vans that can be dispatched to your home or place of business at a moment’s notice.  A professional, licensed technician will arrive to restore your furnace to its optimal operating condition.  Bringing the comfort of heat back to your environment.

Furnace Repair Port Coquitlam Process

It’s all in the clarity of the details

The technician will first assess the problem.  He will make notes about the symptoms, following a detailed check list of furnace areas to test.  The technician will then provide you will a fully-annotated diagnosis of your furnace’s current condition.  And the diagnosis may pinpoint other areas of the furnace that need some attention.  At this time, the technician will be able to quote approximate costs of repair.  And make suggestions about preventing future malfunctions.  In many cases, he will offer a range of options.  Some of these are repair, replace, clean, service, and possibly install a new furnace.  Affordable solutions is one of our most important values.

The ducts in my furnace “pop” whenever the furnace kicks in or shuts off.  Is this a major concern?

“Popping” ductwork could be caused by a few factors.  It could be the result of inferior metal in the duct design.  This is one of the problems in hiring a less than professional furnace company.  Or the ductwork may be too small for the furnace output.  It is important to install ducts appropriate to both the furnace and the size of your home or office.  The intermittent sound of the “pops” every time the furnace kicks in or shuts off can be annoying.  But over and above the annoyance are potential ventilation and air quality problems.  If this is an issue with your furnace in Port Coquitlam, call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning.  We will give you a professional assessment of your ducts.  In addition, we will give you a complete diagnosis of your furnace unit.

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide (CO) has a distinctive odor, very much like rotten eggs (or sulfur).  If you sense any indication of CO in your home or office environment, so the following.  Immediately open all the windows.  Then call Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning.  We will dispatch a professional furnace repairman to make a complete assessment of your furnace.  CO poisoning may first appear to be the flu, including headaches, fatigue and nausea.  With increasing levels of the gas in the bloodstream, these symptoms will get worse.  Drowsiness and disorientation may set in.  The worst case scenario is going unconscious, heart failure, and even death.  Noxious odors are perhaps the most serious indications of furnace problems.  When you first notice something unpleasant in the air, take action to avoid any injury, not mention further damage to your furnace.

To book this service, simply contact us by calling at 604-293-3770

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