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Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam

In Port Coquitlam, searching for information on the Internet about gas furnace servicing, you will land on the Pro Ace Heating website.  We are experts in high efficiency gas furnace servicing, HVAC service and maintenance, and home furnace servicing.   On the website you can read the many testimonials of our customers—who number 80,000.  Our customers are pleased with how Pro Ace has treated them during their home furnace inspection and servicing.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam Multi-point

State of the art service and maintenance begins with a complete inspection

All our technicians are licensed and bonded.  They all have years of experience in furnace servicing.  When they inspect your Port Coquitlam home furnace, they follow a multi-point checklist.  This is to make sure that they perform the inspection in the most efficient way.  In addition, the home office can oversee the inspection to make sure it is complete.  Home furnace inspections are not trivial matters.  Your safety, pocket book, and general well-being are all at stake.  That’s why Pro Ace Heating is at the top of their game in furnace servicing in Port Coquitlam.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam Security

Homeowner confidence is job one

All the energy oversight bodies recommend an annual home furnace inspection and tune-up.  This is the best advice of both FortisBC and the B.C. Safety Authority.  Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning is a member of the FortisBC ally network.  The FortisBC website recommends Pro Ace on its website.   Pro Ace has over twenty years in the business of furnace servicing.  It is one of the most respected companies in the field.  We have earned the trust and confidence of over 80,000 homeowners.

Furnace Service and Maintenance Port Coquitlam Versatility

What furnaces does Pro Ace service and maintain?

Some of the brand name furnaces that Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning inspects, services and maintains include the following.  Trane energy efficient furnace. Carrier energy saving gas furnace. Rheem Efficient Direct Spark Ignition Furnace. American Standard efficient furnace.  And Goodman furnaces.  However, we can inspect and service any furnace anywhere.  Pro Ace performs the following functions.   Gas furnace maintenance, gas furnace cleaning, gas furnace servicing, and gas furnace tune-up.  Forced air furnace service.  HVAC service.   High efficiency furnace servicing.  Pro Ace Heating can do the job better than anyone else.  Call us with all your questions regarding Port Coquitlam home furnace servicing.

How can regular furnace servicing save me money?

In many ways.

Regular servicing of your furnace will catch problems in the making before they happen.  Clean dirt and debris so that the furnace does not blow against itself.  Replace cracked and ragged belts so they do not break causing damage to other furnace parts.  Lubricate the motor (and other areas) regularly or severe malfunctions may occur.  A regular home furnace service and maintenance is will prevent malfunction or breakdown, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

To book this service, simply contact us by calling at 604-293-3770

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