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For efficient heating and cooling with lots of flexibility, a ductless air conditioning system may be the answer. Whether your requirements are temperature control in your home without an existing HVAC system or single-zone comfort control in a home addition, a ductless air conditioner can provide an affordable solution in a matter of hours.  A ductless AC and heating system also allows you to adjust the temperature from room to room.

What do you need for ductless AC and heating?

Pro Ace offers three different types of ductless systems: mini-split, multi-split and variable refrigerant flow (VRF).  Selection of which make and model follows from an assessment of your home’s size (square footage), the number of windows, the height of the ceiling, sun exposure and a few other factors. 

Ductless systems are flexible according to your personal requirements. A single-zone (also called a mini-split) ductless system allows you to control the temperature of one room with the installation of one outdoor unit (a condenser) and one indoor unit (an evaporator) plus some piping, with no ductwork needed.  Complete installation can be done in as little as 4 hours.

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 Average cost:

Single head : Average $3500 to $4500 .
Multi Heads: Written estimate requires

Noise Level:
Indoor : 19db to 36 db (depending on the size of the unit)
Out door unit: 69db to 72db

Maximum Indoor heads:
Maximum 5 Indoor heads with one outdoor unit

Indoor :  from 9000 Btu to 24000 Btu
Outdoor : from 9000 Btu to 42000 Btu

Pro Ace Air Conditioning technicians are trained and certified to Service, Maintain, Repair and Install a variety of Trane Ductless systems.

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Trane Ductless Installation.
No matter if you live in a condo, townhouse, house, Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning will find a good solution for you. This includes a proper sizing, an effective design, at reasonable costs.

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Trane Ductless Repair.
Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning technicians are red seal certified refrigerant mechanics. With years of experience in delivering efficient, reliable service. 

Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning Trane Ductless Maintenance.
At Pro Ace Heating and Air Conditioning has been maintaining commercial and residential Trane Ductless Mini-Split systems since 1995. We provide knowledgeable, reliable, and reasonable service to keep our customers satisfied for a lifetime.


Out Door UnitNominal CapacityPortsSoundDimention H/W/DMOCPWeight
4TXM2218A12N0A18,0001 to 26327.6 X 37.6 X 15.625115
4TXM2224A14N0A24,0002 TO 46931.1 X 38.6 X 17.330154
4TXM2230A15N0A30,0002 TO 57131.1 X 38.6 X 17.335198
4TXM2236A15N0A36,0002 TO 57143.3 X 42.8X 17.335198
4TXM2242A15N0A42,0002 TO 57143.3 X 42.8X 17.335283
Indoor UnitNominal Capacity SoundDimention H/W/D Weight
4MXW2309A10N0A9,000 43 TO 2911.5 X 34.1 X 8.2 24
4MXW2312A10N1A12,000 43 TO 3011.5 X 34.1 X 8.3 24
4MXW2318A10N2A18,000 43 TO 3112.6 X 40.0 X 9.1 31
4MXW2324A10N3A24,000 48 TO 3612.4 X 39.6 X 8.6 39
4MXW2330A10N4A30,000 48 TO 3712.6 X 40.0 X 9.1 30
4MXW2336A10N5A36,000 48 TO 3812.4 X 39.6 X 8.6 35


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